Claire Senac

Claire is a French director based in Costa Rica. The best word that can define her work is “passion”; A word that not only defines her work, but also her life. “Everything starts from the moment I get up and prepare my first cup of coffee. From this moment I begin to ask what the next creative idea I would love to do, and how I can create a new universe. Always seeing what surrounds me, looking at the detail that inspires me, thinking about the shots I can capture. I love to eat thinking about my projects, because in the end, these are the means by which I can breathe. What I believe is visceral, straight from the gut, since each of these productions will be like a newborn to whom I am giving life. One of the things that I love most about audiovisual production is the power it can have. Traveling through the human being and creating emotions that transform reality into poetry. With 14 years of high level study with the violin and piano, I like to play with the flow through the music that accompanies each of my productions. I worked for 7 years on French television, production companies and prestigious international brands such as Lacoste, Canon, Carven (…), before living the Costa Rican emotion. It is here that I have found greater creative freedom that I sought before. However, what defines me is not my career, it is my vision. Whatever the theme, genre or purpose, what I enjoy the most is always trying to innovate, invent and visualize new stories. This is something special that people will remember, leaving an emotional imprint.”

Recent Projects

Demo Reel Claire Senac
Claire Senac Video
Tamarindo Art Wave
Claire Senac Video